Travel Project

Cottages For all Seasons

Our consulting project with Cottages For all Seasons allowed us to tap into all aspects of our consultancy service. As a new company, they required a good foundation in all things digital. This meant everything from a logo through to a website, as well as a few social media channels and other elements along the way. 

Murre Cottage

Amble, Northumbria.

The company wished to have a platform designed that allowed their visitors and guests to have a place to view and book their available properties, as well as providing information on the locations. Earl on we highlighted how the site would have little traffic without some work around it, and further assistance. This conversation led to an ongoing digital marketing campaign that drives a traffic flow to the website. We’re able to monitor and access the effectiveness of this with various analytic tools. By doing this we can see behaviours on the site, and how we might need to change certain aspects.

The branding was a shared effort between ourselves and the client, as it always ought to be. They offered us a basic idea on the colour palette and left us to bring back some samples for their approval. Eventually a simple and classical style was agreed upon; a theme that hopefully permeates all aspects of the business online.

As the project progresses we hope to have the opportunity to create the company repeat bookings through retargeting email marketing. This will ensure there is always healthy traffic flow on the website, making sure the wonderful holiday lets and cottages are put to good use.