Print Design and Production

“Print is dead”. This is a term that is often floated around at the moment, and for all the wrong reason, without any evidence. We think print is more alive than ever and can play a huge part in your marketing and advertising. Proof of this is that in 2016 E-Book sales fell by 4% in the UK, whist sales of similar printed books rose by 7% in the same year [source: The Guardian]. 

Whilst this only takes into account fiction, it proves that the younger generation aren’t actually wrapped up in technology as we’re led to believe. The digital age has its place, and that isn’t going anywhere. However, the romance of print is far from dead. 

H&C’s print design service can cover all areas of print in your business from a business card through to a billboard. 

We try and look at print differently based on what we’ve stated above. It can be one of the more personal experiences that a client or customer has with your brand, so it has to be absolutely right. We take inspiration from a range of campaigns and creatives from around the world to come up with the right design for you.