Brand Strategy with Forge Denim



Forge Denim are a clothing brand based in Sheffield with a belief in quality materials and design. We were asked to consult with them recently in order to help their already strong brand progress with even more pace. The brand itself is not more than two years old so having the opportunity to be involved with a brand at this stage for consultation is always a pleasure.

We discussed the best ways in which to continue allowing people to understand the fundamental values of the brand and its ethos, whilst still increasing sales and conversions online. With the items being high quality, they aren’t something people tend to buy on impulse, but instead take time to consider. With this in mind, we recommended a combination of outreach for the brand and further work to highlight the fact that most of the materials are manufactured in Sheffield with the best tools available. This would mean working with others in the industry that share the same values, in order to hopefully achieve a common goal. 

Going forward the idea to diversify the means by which they reach new customers was discussed. This would involve further video work and a variety of events that would allow them to clearly get their message across.

Richard Mappin and Alex Mir talk about how Forge Denim developed from early conversations about what made for a great pair of raw denim jeans to the launch of Forge's first collection in November 2017.