Branding and Brand Strategy


With H&C, you're able to make the most of your business and brand. We can make sure that the brand or business you've worked hard to build is directly reflected, and all your hard work is represented as it ought to be.

The stages of a branding project can vary depending upon specific nature and requirements of the client in question but generally the process relies on these key stages:

  • Inital briefing: Here we gauge where you are currently with the brand in question, and why thing need to change.

  • Treatment: We then go away and put together a coherent plan for your brand. We then tend to meet again with the client and recieve feedback on this plan to ensure everyone is happy.

  • Sampling: There will be a quite a lot of variation at this stage depending on the client. Throughout the process we offer samples to the client to make sure they're happy with progress.

  • Delivery: Once the samples have been signed off and agreed upon we will deliver the new materials to the client in the correct formats. The delivery is arguably the most impotant part of the Branding process. We always aim to work with the best parnters in printing and other areas of production to ensure the best results.



Brand Strategy

The idea of brand strategy cuts across all of the sectors that we consult on and manage. Strategies can be drawn up for a variety of reasons; ranging from a drop in revenue, a lack of online traffic, or simply a plan to keep either (or both) of these factors in good health. Ensuring a brand and business has a plan in place that will deal with any uplift or turbulence allows for coherent and optimised results. We monitor each strategy closely through various reporting methods on a regular basis that is always detailed and agreed upon with each individual client and company. 

The phrase 'Brand Strategy' is broad, and some cases will require more scope than others. We're able to work alongside a brand, at ay level or stage to help them safeguard their business and stand them in good stead for the future.